CBD Oil 30ml (5%)
  • CBD Oil 30ml (5%)

    CBD that makes your mind and body relaxed was born at an affordable price.

    "Regain your original shape"The “ataracia CBD” series is perfect for such an image.

    We have received a lot of customer feedback, such as making it easier to get up in the morning, and continuing to concentrate even in the slack in the afternoon. Ataracia is a new health care brand that makes your daily life free from stress.

    • Ingredients

      Made from vegetable oil obtained by refining coconut, MCT oil

    • Advantages of ataracia CBD

      "CBD" with high antioxidant power supports your body each and everyday.


      CBD x MCT oil, which is a combination of MCT oil and CBD, is now a hot topic. It quickly converts to energy, and has been recommended for nutritional supplements at medical, nursing and sport sites. MCT oil is an edible oil that is derived from coconut oil and contains only the natural components of medium-chain fatty acids which are contained in breast milk and milk. etc. It is tasteless and odorless being a plant-derived oil that is easy to drink and gentle on the body.

    • Our Safety Process

      ・Loved by Athletes
      ・Made in Japan
      ・THC 0%
      ・Third Party Analysis
      ・Approved by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare

    • Disclaimer

      The effects of this product differs from person to person. Please consult your physician or other qualified healthcare provider for personalized medical advice and questions regarding a medical condition.

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